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In Academics

At Temple Christian School, we believe that God has a prepared place for every prepared person. We endeavor to prepare every student for many future academic and vocational choices. This purpose is accomplished by our traditional college-preparatory curriculum. Each student takes course work not only in the three "R's", but also in literature, fine arts, sciences, and social studies. This makes our program more challenging for the average student, but the extra effort in these years will yield a lifetime of benefits and will open doors of service for Christ.

In Spiritual Growth

At Temple Christian School, we believe that not only the mind, but also the heart is a terrible thing to waste. Therefore, spiritual growth is nurtured through the loving example of our teachers, weekly chapel programs, and a Bible class as part of the curriculum.

In Character

At Temple Christian School, we realize that simply possessing knowledge is not enough to succeed in the real world or in the Christian life. One must possess the self-discipline and integrity to apply knowledge in a consistent and ethical way. For these reasons, our school maintains a definite code of conduct/discipline to help students develop the understanding that the rewards of life come only through self-control and Godly guidelines.


In Citizenship

The privilege of being a citizen of the United States of America should not be taken lightly. At Temple Christian School, we believe it is our duty to teach our students both the privileges and the responsibilities of Christians living in a democratic society. We endeavor to teach not only the history and current events of our community, state, and country, but also the Biblical principles that will make our students effective citizens in the future.


Building a Legacy of Faith

We invite you to contact the school office at 937.253.5288 to arrange a tour.

We also encourage you to explore our website,

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